Why I decided to take my thyroid medication at night



I forgot how annoying it was to wake up, take your thyroid med, and wait one hour before eating anything.  And basically I have to hold off on all other supplements to be safe because absorption can compete with this med. Mary Shoman has a great blog that explains all the details about how to take your thyroid med here.  I wondered if there was a better way. So I looked up taking thyroid meds at night and found a research study that demonstrated that when people took it on an empty stomach at night, they had higher levels of thyroid hormone in their body than when they took it in the morning. They did not show a significant change in quality of life however.  Mary Shoman’s blog to the rescue! I’d like to experiment myself and try this. I have a habit of snacking late at night which is not a great thing anyway. So I decided to make sure to stop eating two hours before going to bed.  There was no explicit instructions on what they did in the study to take the med at night, so I’m going to make my own executive decision to make sure I have not eaten in two hours, and then take it!

Bolk, N. Visser, T. et al. “Effects of Evening vs Morning Levothyroxine Intake: A Randomized Double-blind Crossover Trial.” Archive of Internal Medicine. 2010;170(22):1996-2003.

I hope that more research is done on long term benefits, if there are any, by taking these meds at night. This study was based on three months of taking it the morning, and three months of taking it at night for a total of six months. I decided to take it based on not having to wait to eat or take my supplements when I wake up in the morning.  Hopefully, I will see if this works for me. I think three months is enough time to determine this.




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