Henna cured my chronic dandruff!

My hair has grown stronger and longer than EVER

My blog is not shy and it’s not fluff.  I’m here to help others who have the problems that just aren’t getting fixed and that no one wants to talk about.  I get it.  It’s embarrassing! But when you find the solution inadvertently, without expecting it to happen you have to tell the world.  So here I am.

I tried quite a few gut healing protocols that I prayed would heal my dandruff as well as my gut, and it was not happening.  I heard about henna, and read about the process.  I will be honest, I put off using henna to color my hair for quite some time because of how long and time consuming the process is.  I put it off for five years.  The only thing that intrigued me initially about henna, was that it was all natural, from a plant, and was not known to cause cancer like mainstream box dyes.

Why did I become interested in henna again? Over the past few years, we have been hearing a TON about cancer.  I feel like every week I am hearing about someone who knows someone who has cancer.  From a mother, to a friend, to a child, I feel like what is different from 20 years ago when I hardly heard about this?  Then a new documentary came out called, The Truth about Cancer, and I decided to watch it.  It consists of a series of documentaries and I was blown away and changed forever.  You can find this documentary series on their Youtube channel right here.  I highly recommend it, because it will motivate you to change your life and maybe others for the right reasons.  Now this relates, because box and salon dyes are related to cancer.  This is not news or new.  The National Cancer Institute has quite a bit of research based evidence on the correlation of cancer and hair dyes here.  Another question we have to ask, is to what extent is the dye chemicals absorbing into our brain, since it envelops our scalp when we color our hair? That is a question that is unknown, but needs recognition.

Henna is basically a plant, dried and pulverized to a powder. It comes from two different plants, the indigo plant, and the henna plant.  Henna for hair dye should not contain any other ingredients.  I have used Morocco Method and have found it to be great! Their website is a wealth of information and instructions are more than clear, but meticulous.

What is using henna like?

Because I color my hair black, with henna it’s a two step process.  It’s important to note that the first step: mixing the henna takes prep time to sit before applying. First I have to prepare the henna as directed on the instructions, and let it sit for 12 hours.  After putting on an old shirt I’ll put the henna in my hair, and wrap it in saran wrap for 1 to 4 hours.  Then I wash it out, and have to use a comb in the shower and get it out in sections using conditioner.  This takes a while.  Sometimes I wait until the next day to do the indigo step, otherwise you can mix it right away and get the process going the same day.  I have read that if you let the henna oxidize for up to 72 hours it ‘takes’ the indigo even better. I find it takes well if I wait 24 hours. Next mix the indigo and put it right on. I can sit 1-4 hours with this and take it out in the shower the same way I took out the henna.  Sitting with the henna is what takes the longest. I will read a book or be on my computer when I’m doing this.  Once it’s washed out with conditioner only I won’t use shampoo for over 24 hours.

The henna smells very earthy, I would not say it smells good but it’s tolerable.  The indigo is slightly worse, and smells like cigarette butts.  I know this sounds funny, but it’s a plant and it is what it is! Once it’s washed out, the scent is less and it fades as you use product. Does it cover grays? ABSOLUTELY!!

How long did it take for my dandruff to go away?

At first I still had the dandruff, but it seemed to lessen over the coming weeks.  I did another henna process a month later.  Then I noticed that I no longer had the flakes like I used to.  My head no longer itched like it used to.  I’d say it took about two months. I am now nine months into using henna, and I still am maintaining a dandruff free scalp.  If I would of known that this was the cure, I would of tried this a long time ago.  I no longer need my topical steroids, my dandruff shampoos, or my scalp sprays.

Pros and cons of using henna


  • It is very time consuming. You have sit for at least 1 hour up to 4 hours for maximum intensity and coverage.
  • It’s not the best scent
  • It can be drying for some people, although it made my own hair softer. There are tricks to prevent dryness.
  • For black henna, it’s a two step even longer process
  • The texture of your hair is somewhat different than box dyed hair.  Only a hairstylist would notice.
  • You probably have to do this at home, which can be messy. But you figure out methods to keep it as clean as possible.
  • It may rub onto your hairbrush, but my white pillowcases are never stained.


  • It’s completely non toxic.  No cancer causing chemicals to worry about. This is the number one HUGE factor in my decision to switch.
  • The color is just as fabulous as box dye
  • You can pretty much color as much as you want, or as needed without having to worry about destroying your hair.
  • It can add shine and moisturize your hair, strengthening it.
  • If you have dandruff, it just MIGHT cure it.
  • You can be satisfied knowing that’s one less major cancer causing chemical going straight on your head!

I think it’s imperative to research as much as you can.  I don’t know if there are any contraindications to using henna, but in my own personal experience and research there wasn’t any.  If anything box dye always made my scalp burn and my head flake more.  That’s not a problem for me any longer. Morrocco Method’s website is so informative that you may not even need to look anywhere else.  Check it out here.

I love the fact that I am making a huge impact in my daily health by choosing to use henna. I can still eliminate those white hairs, look great, all while not impacting my health negatively.  It’s doing things like this, one thing at a time that make a difference in reducing your chances for cancer.  It was a godsend side effect that my chronic dandruff  disappeared.  There are trade offs to EVERYTHING.  I’m trading off more time in exchange for potential cancer.  I think that’s a good trade off.  The more you know better, the more you can do better.