The Alternate Day Diet (Dr James Johnson)

Thanks for visiting! I’m excited to share the information I have learned from the book The Alternate Day Diet. I’ve recapped the benefits from the book (based on scientific studies) and some great reasons as to why you might want to try it out. I’ve also outlined the basic format of it so you can started right away. I will cover exercise in a later blog.

Why did I choose to do the alternate day diet?

I only diet 3x a week
I improve my immune system, decreasing oxidative stress and inflammatory reactions
HDL (good cholesterol) goes up
I DON”T diet 4x a week
Anti-aging benefits (activating the SIRT gene)
How does it work?

If you are a woman, you can eat 500 calories a day, for only 3 days a week. Spread them out, or do maybe 2 back to back if you are really brave. It may be easier to stay compliant if you do only 1 down day followed by an up day.
If you are a man, make that 600 calories a day, 3x a week.
The other 4 days, eat to satisfaction or if you want, track your maintenance calories. There are many calorie calculators on the web that you can use to find what your maintenance calories are. Myfitnesspal app has one for instance. Here is a calculator on Dr Johnson’s website:

Induction phase is recommended, not required, so what is it about?

Get your 500 calories from meal replacement shakes for the first two weeks. You will be hungry. Drink a lot of water, and keep busy! Your hunger will decrease over time. Unless you are a hypoglycemic or diabetic, your blood sugar is not going to bottom out. It will be tough at first! But remember, 3 days a week is easier to do than 7!

Then its time to make your down days full of food, low energy density food.

You maintain this way of living until your desired weight loss is achieved. Then you can drop a day, or even two down days.

If you plateau and you aren’t tracking on your up days, start tracking your food. You may be overeating, not eating enough protein, or too much sugar and fat.

Hope this helps clarify the basics on the diet! Refer to Dr Johnson’s book, The Alternate Day diet for the science on the diet and to his website, JohnsonUpDayDownDayDietPlan for more information.

Cheers to your health and happiness,